21 December 2000
Growth in GM demand slows

By FWi staff

DEMAND for genetically modified crops is still growing, although the rate of increase in 2000 was a quarter of the 1999 level, reports the Financial Times.

The area sown with GM soya, maize, rape, cotton and potato grew 11% to 109.2m acres, according to an end of year survey.

But that compared to a 44% rise in 1999 and 150% in 1998.

Growth was tracked by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications.

Biotech industry figures claimed the figures showed environmentalists had failed to halt GM technology and farmers were embracing it.

But environmental protesters said the figures showed a levelling-out as farmers began to question the marketability and benefits of GM technology.

ISAAA is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to improving agriculture in the developing world.

  • Financial Times 21 December 2000 page 12