26 May 1995

Guidelines for waste storage

WRITTEN for Scottish producers, but in most parts equally applicable to anyone farming south of Hadrians Wall, the new Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) publication* covers most aspects of this important issue.

In particular, these new guidelines should help farmers, builders and their advisers cope better with the ever increasing amount of legislation concerning the storage and use of farm wastes.

The 68-page publication is concerned mainly with the transfer and storage of slurry and silage effluent, but also includes advise on sheep dipping facilities and the on-farm storage of fuel oils.

Right side of the law

Its main shortcoming is its total lack of cost guidelines for the high quality structures it describes. But that said, for anyone planning to invest in new farm waste storage facilities, or to update existing ones, it is well worth perusing to stay on the right side of the law.

*Design and Construction Guidelines for Farm Waste Storage, Dr M Kelly, Building Design Unit, SAC, Auchincruive, Ayr. Price £11.75 (inc p&p).