11 February 2000

Haddock still fights for SW

DEVON beef and arable farmer Richard Haddock has bounced back after initial disappointment at being rejected by Council in the elections for NFU deputy and vice-presidents.

The day after the elections he was back on his farm showing a French TV film crew every detail of how British cattle are identified and their movements recorded from birth to slaughter.

Cattle were filmed being selected, their tags and paperwork checked, and being transported to Jaspers abattoir in Cornwall. The film crew followed them into the lairage, through the inspection and checking of teeth, eartags, and passports, the pre-slaughter veterinary checks, slaughter, dressing line, meat hygiene checks, to finished carcasses hanging up and MLC grading. They already had film of the carcass-to-plate part of the story.

But while pledging to fight on for justice for his fellow farmers, he has made clear that he will no longer be able to devote all his time to it.

"I will not be standing for either chairman or deputy of livestock. I am happy to be a south-west livestock delegate and on the HQ Finance and Organisation committee. But I will no longer be running all over the country, unpaid. I might as well do jobs where I am wanted, fighting for south-west farmers."