23 February 1996

Hang those birds – dont stack them

BETTER to hang them than stack them is the principle behind a game rack for 4x4s and estate cars.

Hilltop Products says most shooters stack birds in the back of a vehicle at the end of the day, resulting in premature deterioration. It is better to hang the game and let it "breathe", says Hilltop.

The Berks-based firms telescopic Hang-em-High rack is made to fit in the back of most 4x4s and estate cars. It telescopes to a maximum width of 1200mm (48in) and height is set at 525mm (21in). Minimum width is 850mm (34in).

The rack accommodates a maximum of 14 fully grown pheasants, depending on the width of the vehicle, but it will obviously hold a greater number of smaller birds – grouse, partridges and pigeon.

Hang-em-High rack price is £20 (01488-638895).