1 March 1996

Hardi gives trailed spray fans more to pick from

ADVOCATES of trailed spraying now have two new machines from Hardi. The Commander series comprises models with tank capacities of 2200 litres and 2600 litres – both are available with the Hardi Twin air assisted system.

Features include a rather futuristic looking forward sloping tank design, claimed to aid stability and provide good weight transfer to the tractor. The tanks curved shape also helps optimise the effect of tank flushing nozzles which can use clean water from an optional integrated 260-litre reservoir.

Boom options of 15m to 28m (49ft-92ft) and 18m to 24m (59ft-79ft) for Twin versions are offered, all available mounted on the firms Paralift system – a torsion stablised parallelogram from which boom height can also be adjusted.

Ground clearance is 70cm (28in) and there is an option for a steering drawbar – the Multi Track – to allow the wheels to track those of the tractor and reduce crop damage on headland turns. Other options include use of the Hardi Link system which provides full control of all sprayer functions and of automatic spray volume control. Price of 2200-litre version equipped with 18m boom starts at £18,725. A 24m 2600 litre with Twin system is £35,830. &#42

New generation of trailed sprayers from Hardi come in the form of the Commander Series. Note the design of the 2200/2600-litre tank.