10 November 1995

Harrogate is the venue

for our delegates day

THE venue for this years delegates day was the Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate, Yorks, and 59 group representatives travelled from all four corners of the UK to discuss FWC past, present and future.

Delegates met old friends and made new ones over coffee and lunch and, even though the meeting was much like any local county meeting, there was a difference for me – for once I knew who everyone was!

It was interesting to hear the news and views from the clubs. They vary so much in size and location, I hope contact leaders found the meeting a useful way of gleaning information from their counterparts in other areas.

The overall message that came shining through was that FWC is a great organisation and certainly serves many rural communities by enabling like-minded women to make lasting friendships.

New members are always welcome and we are all aware that it is daunting to go to places where everyone seems to know each other, so if you are reading this and feel that joining FWC could enrich your life dont be afraid – we shall be making a special effort to make sure you dont feel left out.

However, perhaps it is not always possible to attend meetings if you are tied to the home by farm or family commitments. In the early days, FWC had round robin letters that kept people in touch, perhaps there is a need to resume them?

I know it was a great thrill for two of the delegates to meet each other for the first time after corresponding for many years.

We discussed the possibility of a grand get-together for all the groups, it was decided that the delegates would look for more suggestions from their members and send ideas to me by Christmas.

The history of the club and the new look of FWCs own magazine were discussed. Hopefully the next issue will contain lots of entries for the competitions that are running at present.

Jean Howells