27 September 1996

Harrow suits high hp

MAKING its debut at Tillage 96, the 8.0m PH800 power harrow from Dowdeswell has been introduced to suit the growing range of high horsepower tractors finding their way onto UK farms.

Suitable for tractors of up to 260hp and fitted with Cat III linkages, the harrow comprises two 4.0m (13.1ft) PH400 harrows supported by a mounting frame designed to close-couple the units to the tractors rear linkage and improve stability when raised for transport.

The two harrow sections are locked together in work to effectively form a single 8.0m (26.2ft) rigid unit, the aim being to ensure even working depth across the width of the machine.

Folding to 3.0m (9.8m), the harrow is offered with a choice of rear crumbler or packer and weighs 4330kg and 4820kg respectively. Potential work rates are 4ha/hour (10 acres/hour) at 4.8kph (3mph). Prices are £23,270 with crumbler and £25,638 with packer.

Two 4m units lock together in work to form this 8m (26.2ft) power harrow now available from Dowdeswell.