22 March 1996

Harrows heavier discs

A DEMAND for greater disc weights to help surface penetration and chopping of harvest residues has resulted in Dowdeswell producing three new disc harrows.

Based on its Series 84 trailed offset disc harrows, the new models have a weight/disc up to 18% higher than existing Series 84 models.

Available in working widths of 4m, 4.8m and 5.6m, weight per disc is stated as 135kg, 122kg and 111kg, respectively. The weight rise has been achieved, says Dowdes-well, by extending the spacing between each disc from 23cm to 26cm (9in to 10.5in). That cuts the number of discs and places more weight on each remaining disc.

Suitable for tractors from 120hp, the new models are supplied with hydraulically folding wings for transport and independent hyd-raulic gang angling and depth control as standard. Options include plain or cutaway discs and 71cm (28.5in) diameter discs in place of the standard 66cm (26.5in) units.n

Fewer discs for greater ground penetration on the latest disc harrows from Dowdeswell Engineering.Price of the 4.8m version with 36 discs is listed at £17,206.