28 May 1999
Have your say, 17 April-28 May, 1999

Arable aid

HAS anyone managed to transfer the elegibility for arable aid from one field to another – and if so, how?

  • JD Hughes, Kelsterton Farm, Flint CH6 5TH
    Email: rose1@eggconnect.net

  • Farm and company visits

    ID like to know of any agricultural tours around Europe, that focus on visiting companies like Grimme, Massey Ferguson and Fendt, plus farm tours?

  • Rodney Fraser, Mt Prospect, Victoria, Australia
    Email: gabfras@netconnect.com.au

  • Soya bean meal wanted

    I AM looking to buy 30,000t of soyabean meal and would like a quote for C&F to Bandar Abas, Iran.

  • Hassan Saghamanesh, Saghamanesh Trading Co, 1st Floor, 22 Kashfi St, Madani St, Resalat Sq, Tehran, Iran
    Email: elecoptc@www.dci.co.ir

  • Over-zealous inspectors

    I WORK for the Federation of Small Businesses and I would be very interested to hear from any farmers about over-zealous inspectors. In particular I am looking for any particular cases that farmers have had with silly reasons used by inspectors to carry out an investigation.

  • All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence

  • Andrew Barter
    Email: xjl02@dial.pipex.com

  • Farmersweekly.net – the best yet

    JUST a simple message. I have tried different “servers” and “launchers” – for example AOL, MSN, BT Internet, Virgin – and farmersweekly.net is the best. Well done!

    Clear, concise, quick to access – and I am not just saying it because the information relates to my business.

  • John Bolt
    Email: johnbolt@farmersweekly.net

  • Restoring vintage machinery

    CAN you help? We have a Continental crawler built in 1950 in Lyon, with a Burrlett diesel engine.

    We would like any information or pictures so that we can start restoration please e-mail us.

  • Shaun Vincent, Blagdon Farm, Woolfardisworthy, Exeter EX39 5SW
    Email: seon@thefarm.freeserve.co.uk

  • Welfare and electronic tagging — Whats your opinion?

    I AM doing a market reserach into the need for providing consultancy in animal welfare to farmers, and into electronic tagging.

    I would like to hear farmers opinions on these.

    Would you use the services of a consultant providing help on welfare legislation; what they do in other European countries; animal behaviour; and interactions between farming and wildlife?

    Do you feel the need for information in this area, and do you think that private consultant companies would bring anything new to your experience?

    On electronic tagging, Id like to hear from farmers about the pros and cons, costs, utility and necessity, EU regulations, and so on – anything relevant to the subject.

  • Dr Anabela Pinto, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge
    Email: aap28@cam.ac.uk

  • Procurement of organic swede

    IM looking to purchase organic swede with immediate effect for manufacture within a fresh organic soup.

    Quantity required is approx. 5 tonnes with size >80mm for peeling/dicing to cover until the new season.

  • Richard Briers, Divisional Buying Controller, Geest Prepared Foods, West Marsh Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 2BB
    Email: Briersri@Geest.co.uk