20 October 1995

Heirloom values, please

ON a beautiful indian summer morning about 70 members of Cumbria FWC gathered at the Hired Lad at Penrith Auction Mart for what was to be a super day.

Brian Higgs Antiques Roadshow was great fun as he peppered his talk with many witty quips. Members had brought in a wide variety of heirlooms ranging from pot lids, Victorian embroidered cards, an owl-shaped tobacco box, silverware, much Staffordshire pottery and a 1797 tuppenny piece.

Mr Higgs kept us amused for a couple of hours telling tales of his 40 years as a collector. He mentioned the first longcase clock he bought which had the following rhyme pinned inside it:

Lo I stand by you upright

To give you a warning day and night

And for every tick that I do give

Cuts short the time you have to live!

Following a scrumptious lunch where everyone had the opportunity to catch up on each others news, Jean Dixon entertained us with her talk From Bahrain to England. This was an account of a journey she took with a friend overland and sea in 1974, calling in at Beirut then across to Iran and southern Turkey.

Mrs Dixon described the beautiful scenery and friendliness of the people. They were even invited to a wedding en route. Their journey took them through a volcanic region where the landscape looked like giant mushrooms and chimneys, but the most hair raising part of the journey was seeing the car being hoisted on to a ferry and then being told that they would have to wait a week as their papers were not in order.

Jean Howells

Doris Armstrong shows Joan Wheeldon and Marlene Cowperthwaite an item brought to the Cumbria FWC meeting to be valued by Brian Higgs.