13 December 1996

Helpful hints with ICM

Integrated Crop Management is the title of a new 96-page booklet published by the British Agrochemicals Association, in conjunction with Sainsburys, LEAF (Linking Farming and the Environment) and ATB-Landbase.

Designed to help growers meet ICM objectives it provides practical suggestions, including soil management and crop nutrition, crop protection, waste and pollution, wildlife and landscape issues and energy management.

It shows how ICM optimises the use of inputs to deliver low impact rather than low input farming. The book supports the Integrated Crop Management Training Pack produced by the same partners 18 months ago.

Copies priced £7.50 plus 50p p&p are available from BAA, 4 Lincoln Court, Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 2RP. (01733-349225; Fax: 01733-62523).n