14 March 1996

Herbicide takes on tough weeds

Herbicide takes on tough weeds

A NEW potato herbicide which controls a range of problem broad-leaved and grass weeds will be available this season.

Titus (rimsulfuron), a sulfonylurea herbicide, is mainly contact-acting. It controls hard-to-kill cleavers and volunteer oilseed rape, and also kills mayweed, nettles and charlock, says DuPont product manager John Austin.

Titus also controls a range of grass weeds including couch, blackgrass, wild oats and meadow grasses. Transient yellowing can follow application.

The dry-flowable product can be applied up to 25cm (10in) of crop growth. A non-ionic wetter like Agral or Citowett enhances activity.

Only winter wheat can be planted in the same calendar year on treated fields, warns Mr Austin. Barley, wheat or maize can be sown the following spring, and in the second autumn any crop except brassicae, including oilseed rape. "We are currently submitting data to get that restriction removed."

Cost in 1996 was £95/ha. &#42