19 January 1996

Herdwise team

HERDWISES new team of young bulls in its Next Generation progeny test scheme boasts an average PIN95 of £107 and 60kg of fat and protein.

The team includes UK-bred Dannix son Beechpike Danergy, owned by south west breeders Matthew Cunningham and Lyndon Edwards; the Jabot son Veneriete Worldmaster, said to be from one of Hollands highest indexed Ugela Bell daughters; from Italy is Lexus son Brivio Lexus Zoom, from a high indexing Sunny Boy daughter; two sires, Eny-Boys Elton Lennox and Grand Dell Luke Limit being jointly tested with Canadian-based Modern Sires; and the Mountain son Manolo, said to be from one of Germanys top protein cow families.