9 June 1995

Heres the best advice on improved cropping

RECENT developments in global positioning systems, yield monitoring and variable rate applicators have created a wealth of opportunities to help farmers who want to improve their cropping systems.

Such technology can help growers modify crop management in order to take greater account of variations within fields. That could mean input savings, higher yields, reduced machinery and labour costs and environmental benefits.

Latest information

To provide producers with the latest advice a special conference will coincide with Cereals 95. The venue is Shuttleworth College, adjacent to the event site, with tea and coffee served from 4.30pm on Wed, June 14.

The event has been organised by the Institution of Agricultural Engineers Precision in Farming specialist group in association with farmers weekly, Cranfield University and the RASE. For more details contact the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, Silsoe, on 01525-861096. Fax: 01525-861660. &#42

4.30 Registration and tea/coffee

5.00 The current financial situation – James Hobbes. David Anderson Assocs.

5.15 The new technology – Paul Miller, Silsoe Research Institute.

5.30 Practical experience – Brian Welti, Shuttleworth Farms.

5.45 Question session.

6.00 Implications of precision farming – Jim Orson, ADAS Cambridge.

6.15 Strategies for precision farming – Simon Blackmore, Silsoe College.

6.30 Question session and summary.

7.00 Supper and posters.