3 November 1995

High-tech tools for profit

Final preparations are underway for Smithfield FarmTech, the precision farming event which concentrates on high-tech answers to todays farming problems. Here are some highlights

NEW technology will take centre stage at this years Smithfield FarmTech show.

The emphasis will be on how technology can help to answer practical farming problems whether they concern livestock or arable production or machinery. There will also be a wealth of business advice to fine-tune enterprises to produce maximum profit at the lowest possible cost.

More and more farmers are realising there is no better time to stage a farming event in Londons capital. Most will have already received notification of their area aid payments and so will be in an ideal position to plan their investments.

Whether it is using estimated breeding values to improve the profitability of your stock or harnessing global positioning systems to apply pesticides more precisely there is something for everyone at this years show.

A key part of Smithfield FarmTech will be the introduction of advice centres. Three centres, each dedicated to a specific area of the farming industry, will offer the latest technical advice to farmers.

The Arable Centre will include a range of companies demonstrating how the latest technology promises to help growers improve efficiency and cut costs. Fertiliser manufacturer Hydro Agri will show how computer models can be used to predict nutrient requirements in arable crops. Programs have been adapted for use on personal computers and specific crop nutrient advice will be available.

British Cereal Exports will advise on export opportunities. Advice will also be on offer from the Association of Independent Crop Consultants and the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants. TSB is sponsoring the Arable Centre and will provide timely financial guidance to complement the practical information.

Looking for more business advice? Then visit the Business Advice Centre alongside the Farmer Forum Theatre. There you will find a wealth of financial expertise to help you manage your business as well as your livestock and crops.

The big banks serving UK agriculture together with land agents and consultants will offer specialist advice on specific farming problems. Software companies will display the latest computer programs designed to simplify farm recording and analysis.

For the latest on machinery visit the Machinery Advice Centre. Supported by the UKs dealer organisation BAGMA, this area will examine how technology is helping to apply farm inputs more precisely. It will also provide a good opportunity to discuss machinery purchases with dealers from around the country.

Can superior bulls and rams still improve margins in most commercial beef and sheep units? Judge for yourself as pedigree breeders back up their claims in ring demonstrations with the products of sheep and beef sire improvement programmes.

A broad cross-section of beef and lamb terminal sire breeds will be seen in the demonstration. There will be a range of cattle including Charolais, Limousin, Aberdeen-Angus, South Devon and Longhorn. Sheep will be represented by the Texel, Suffolk, Blueface Leicester and Charollais breeds.

The Royal Smithfield Clubs prestigious primestock and carcass competitions will run alongside the demonstrations.

programme analysing key breeding decisions.

Dr Paul Miller with Silsoe Research Institutes patch sprayer. The latest design will be on show at this years Smithfield FarmTech at Earls Court.