2 February 1996

All-rounder, thats this


UP front, in the middle, on the back – a Danish-built drills seed hopper can be mounted in a number of positions, on or off the tractor, depending on user preference.

Front-mounted, on the tractors nose, is expected to be the preferred option for Kongskildes modular Demeter drill because of the weight distribution benefits this system offers.

But the firm can also supply the 0.7t capacity tank for mounting over a cultivator/power harrow, on its own wheeled chassis, or even as a de-mount unit for a systems tractor.

Whatever the chosen configuration, the working principle is the same: Pneumatic seed carrying combined with mechanical metering.

Blasted from hopper

A hydraulically-powered fan blasts air and seed from the sealed hopper to individual seed metering units, housed within two small chambers over the drills coulter bar. A sensor within each of the two chambers controls the hopper outlet so that seed level over the metering units is maintained.

In effect, there is a pulsing effect; sometimes the air carries seed, sometimes it doesnt.

As well as ferrying seed to the metering units, air can also be used to fill the drills hopper. Reversing the fan blast converts the fan unit into a massive vacuum cleaner, sucking seed out of either a bulk trailer or bags and into the hopper.

Metering unit drive is supplied by a centrally-mounted landwheel and gearbox. A turndial on the side of the gearbox alters gearing, hence seed-rate, and, in keeping with the GPS theme at the Danish show, the gearing dial can be replaced with an electric motor for computer-controlled adjustment of seed-rate on the move.

Initial production will concentrate on 3m (10ft) and 4m (13ft) wide models, however working widths of up to 8m (23ft) are planned.

Lights front, lights rear…various seed hopper mounting positions are possible with the modular Kongskilde Demeter drill.