17 May 1996

How do quality proteins compare?

QUALITY proteins that are rich in UDP may fail to improve performance in dairy cow diets when good quality forage is available, claims Mole Valley Farmers nutritionist Luppo Diepenbroek.

"Silage made 10 years ago was wet and direct cut," he says. "Protein was broken down and feeding 0.5kg of fishmeal was effective. Now that drier silage is made, there is more quality protein available to the animal.

"In Holland where they make high dry matter silage they do not feed high quality proteins such as fishmeal to 9000-litre cows."

High quality UDP sources contain essential and non-essential amino acids. These are in short supply in other feeds such as soya and rapeseed when provided in a diet which contains high levels of rumen degradable protein.

Fishmeal can also improve cow fertility although the range of alternative products have rarely been tested against each other on a long-term basis, he warns.

He advises providing fishmeal in dairy cow diets to a level at which a response in cow performance is seen. Then, if required, suggests replacing it with one of the alternative UDP sources and comparing the response.

High-quality protein product comparison


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