12 May 1995

How furrow press makes light work

of seed-bed drills

CONSOLIDATING ploughed land in front of a tractor/power harrow combination can improve work rates by half an acre an hour, claims Driffield-based Farm Force Engineering.

Tests were performed by the company using a 120hp tractor fitted with a rear-mounted 4m (13ft) power harrow and seed-drill. When front weights were replaced with a front-mounted 4m furrow press, outputs increased from 3.2 to 3.7 acres/hour.

Marketing director Peter Ainsworth says the increase is due to the power harrow having to do less work to create a seed-bed – the soil being partly prepared by the action of the furrow press. &#42

Replacing front weights with a front-mounted furrow press improves drilling work rates, says Driffield-based Farm Force Engineering.