5 May 1995

How grazing rights add more value

HAVING the grazing rights on a nearby moor allows a mixed farm in Cleveland to benefit from extensification payments under the sheep and suckler cow premium.

Including 325 acres, Aysdale Gate Farm, Charltons, near Guisborough, is guided at over £480,000 by Robin Jessop of the Northallerton Estate Agency.

The land ranges from Grade 3 to moorland, with 62 acres eligible for arable area aid. The 141-acre Tidkin Moor provides the additional grazing for 160 ewes and followers.

Currently farmed by the Towers family in conjunction with another farm near Yearby, a rationalisation programme brings it on to the market.

A range of modern livestock buildings also give temporary grain storage facilities, and accommodation is provided by a three-bedroomed stone farmhouse.

Having recently sold the 57-acre Mainsgill stock farm near Scotch Corner, for around the £260,000 guide, within five weeks of marketing Mr Jessop anticipates a strong interest in Aysdale Gate farm.

Also blocks of between 30 and 80 acres of arable land in the Richmond area have been achieving up to £4000/acre as a number of farmers compete for the few acres marketed to replace land lost through the upgrading of the A1 scheme.