10 November 1995

How to improve Bactoscan results

&#8226 Visual inspection of milking equipment and bulk vat

Check throughout the plant for a build-up of milk deposits and milkstone. Condition all rubberware.

&#8226 Bulk vat cleaning

Vats with cold chemical cleaning systems should have a manual clean once a week with an appropriate chemical.

Vats without automatic cleaning must be cleaned manually daily with a suitable chemical cleaner.

&#8226 Circulation cleaning

Check the temperature of the cleaning fluid during circulation, and that the correct volume of fluid is being used.

Check that the cleaning fluid is being evenly distributed throughout the plant and that the chemicals are at the correct concentration and within their use-by dates.

&#8226 Final rinse water

Add hypochlorite to prevent re-contamination.

&#8226 Bulk vat cooling

Ensure milk is cooled below 4C (39.2F) within half an hour of the end of milking and that the agitator, thermometer and thermostat are working correctly.