16 November 1999
Hunt ban impact ‘grossly overstated’

FOXHUNTING generates far fewer jobs than field sports campaigners claim, and does little to control vermin, according to a parliamentary report on the case for a ban.

The paper, produced by the Scottish Parliament information centre, also voices concerns about animal welfare.

As a government inquiry into the impact of a ban get under way in England and Scotland, the report rejects claims by field-sports campaigners that such a move would devastate the rural economy.

It has been claimed that 14,000 jobs were at risk from a ban on foxhunting. The report estimates the loss at between 1200 and 1400.

The report estimates that Scotlands nine registered foxhunts kills only 4% of the 15,000 foxes that need to be destroyed each year.

The law section of The Times reports on the implications of a court decision to award £3500 in damages against the police for an officer arresting a hunt protester attending a hunt.

The education section of The Guardian reports on an academic who has made a study of the social ritual of the hunt.