16 July 1999
Hunt debate brings out letter-writers

THE fox continues to cause excitement in the letters column of The Daily Telegraph.

One, reportedly an animal lover, records that it is an “upsetting fact that no wild animal has a peaceful death in old age”. On that logic, she suggests: “Perhaps, Natures way of a chase by dogs and a quick death may be the best of a bad job”.

The letter writers are joined by a columnist who uses the hunt issue for a general swipe at the government – “the great weight of Labour opposition to foxhunting, Old and New, is based on prejudice, and on a misconception at that”.

Bel Littlejohn, spoof columnist on The Guardian, is also concerned about misconceptions about the fox. She asserts the average fox is a “pacifist vegetarian … which can often be observed helping other animals across the road at busy junctions”.

  • The Guardian 16/07/99 page 21
  • The Daily Telegraph 16/07/99 page 28, 29 (Letters to the Editor)