6 September 1996

Hydrostatic option

HYDROSTATIC drive becomes an option for the Multicar Champion, multi-purpose light truck – a vehicle aimed primarily at the amenity market but one which could clearly have useful applications in more agricultural situations.

Powered by the Euro ll version of Ivecos 2.8-litre turbocharged diesel engine, the hydrostatic transmission allows an infinitely variable ground speed to be achieved, irrespective of engine rpm.

Minimum operating speed is as low as 0.3kph (0.2mph) and top road speed is an impressive 62kph (38mph).

Introduction of the hydrostatic version coincides with the launch of a quick release ball-head attachment system for implements – such as mowers, spreaders, and snow ploughs, for example. Factory fitted front and power take offs number among the many options available.

Price of a hydrostatic Multicar Champion is in the region of £30,000, a price which depends largely on the prescribed specification.n

Hydrostatic drive is now an option on the Multicar Champion multi-purpose vehicle. Power is provided by an Iveco 2.8-litre turbocharged diesel engine.