8 March 1996

In-line applicator gives you flow control

Potatoes get the chemical storage treatment with Allmans in-line applicator.

ONE of the difficulties in applying flowable storage chemicals to potatoes is the high viscosity of such products. Minimum dilution is used with tanks requiring constant agitation.

Allman believes it has solved the problem with the introduction of a self-contained, in-line applicator for attachment to grading and store filling lines.

Powered by a single phase electric motor driving a two-cylinder pump equipped with chemical resistant Viton diaphragms, the system comprises a flow meter, filter and twin 360-degree spray application nozzles mounted above one of the final delivery conveyors in the store.

It is essential, says Allman, that the nozzles are placed where potatoes undergo a tumbling action to ensure complete coverage – without wetting them.

Variable flow rates of up to 200 litres/hour are possible with the system matching application rate to conveyor throughput. Options include an automatic stop/start control to conserve chemical when the conveyor is not active.

Price of the Allman in-line applicator is £1254. &#42