20 September 1996

Incineration – not until Xmas

LARGE SCALE incineration of over 30-month-old carcasses is unlikely to take place in the UK until the turn of the year.

Although the results of the Intervention Boards tenders for cattle incineration were expected as fw went to press, the need for planning permission and pollution control authorisation would mean that burning would not take place until mid-December.

The government is keen to introduce carcass incineration as swiftly as possible to bypass the limited rendering capacity, and the delay in setting up incineration facilities has angered both the CLA and NFU.

Speaking after a meeting with NFU leader Sir David Naish this week cabinet minister Roger Freeman confirmed that the IB was pursuing urgently tenders for direct carcass incineration.

"But the lead times for the facilities offered make it very unlikely that any will be available in sufficient time to have an impact on clearing the backlog," he warned.

Current incineration amounts to just 20,000 casualty stock, incinerated since May, and BSE-affected animals.

An IB spokeswoman, said 70 tenders had been received from companies.n