8 March 1996

Increase yields with chromium

CHROMIUM has positive effects on animal health and performance particularly during times of stress.

This was the claim of Kentucky Universitys Dr Merlin Lindemann at an Alltech feed conference.

He cited American research that shows offering calves a high chromium yeast supplement increases growth by 10%.

Another study showed an 11% increase in milk yield when chromium yeast was offered to first lactation cows.

Dr Lindemann also claims that when organic chromium is fed to growing pigs feed conversion ratio improved from 3.0 to 2.8.

"This treatment improved the dry matter digestibility of diets and reduced nitrogen excretion," he said.

Sows fed 200mg of organic chromium supplement for 6-7 months prior to breeding had larger litters with 11.25 pigs born alive against 8.93 for those on a normal diet, he claims.

These sows also produced 8kg higher litter weights. &#42