29 May 1998

Industrial cleaner empties its own tank

WEST Engineering claims to have solved a big problem experienced by many industrial cleaners – how to empty the holding tank.

The companys new industrial and grain store cleaner has been designed to empty itself through a series of valves which blow the tanks contents through a flexible hose and into a silo, dust box, trailer or bagging unit. It is a discharge system which can also be used to create a high pressure air blast to clean grain silo walls and girders or other areas difficult to access.

These features aside, the cleaner uses suction to clear areas either through a wheel supported 85cm (33in) wide hood or a flexible 13cm (5in) diameter hose. Power can be provided by either a 5hp petrol engine or, if specified, by an electric motor.

Price of the West Agricultural industrial and grain store cleaner is £1295 (01473-727258).