22 September 1995


LATEST dairy sire proofs from France confirm the positions of existing high-fliers ranked on the French economic index (INEL).

This is despite a base change in France which dropped INEL by five points, and milk by 80kg, protein 5kg, and fat 4kg.

Dombinator retains his top spot in France and is the fourth highest French sire ranked on PIN index at £110. Besne Buck retains his position at £101 PIN, and the Sammy son Esquimau gains six points INEL in this latest proof run and secures a PIN of £97.

At number three on PIN (£110) is the Eagle son Esentation.

Ferlanneur, said to be the highest Ugela Bell son to emerge for both type and production in the world, and out of a Starbuck dam, has a PIN of £102. He boasts a favourable fat:protein ration of 29kg (-0.21%) fat and 28kg (-0.05%) protein, and 939kg milk.

The newcomer Eroyal, an Eagle son, out of Chief Mark dam is said to have exceptional udders.