2 June 1995


INFORMATION is essential for the future of agricultural business, according to a leading merchant.

To explain how it can meet that need for British farmers Cargill is mounting a special exhibition at Cereals 95, Profit From Information.

Nick Hartwell, southern regional sales manager explains: "The theme highlights our ability to gather information of value to our farmer customers, and help them run profitable businesses."

Never in farming history has the need to run a profitable enterprise been so great, he maintains. "The family farm is under particular pressure, with arrangements such as share farming on the increase, while more and more land is falling into the hands of banks and larger businesses.

"Running a profitable enterprise is still the most important thing to the individual farmer, and to survive in this sort of scenario that farmer needs to be growing the right crops on the right land and with the right end market in mind. The UK farmer must realise that agriculture is increasingly affected by European and global matters, like GATT, CAP reform and currency movements."

He goes on to explain that grain is traded on a global market. Movements many miles away quickly affect the prices a British farmer will receive. "Our international involvement enables us to gather market information quickly and detect potential trends early. From this we can predict market movements which will impact on Britain, and inform our customers in time for them to make meaningful decisions," he says.

Particular steps include all members of the companys field force carrying pagers, through which they can access key messages of relevance to their business at any time. That means information from the commodity markets of Chicago can be discussed in the fields of Cambridgeshire the same day.