3 May 1996

Injections boost bakers

BAKER numbers increase dramatically when liquid fertiliser is used on ware potato crops, recent work has shown.

In field-scale trials carried out by Harper Adams Agricultural College, Shropshire, last year, injecting 2500 litres/ha of 8.4.12 compound produced 8t/ha (3.2t/acre) more tubers over 65mm (2.6 in) than when the equivalent amount of solid product was broadcast.

At current premiums that is worth an extra £984-£2024/ha (£398-£819/acre), says trial sponsor Hydro Chafer. Another set of trials in South Humberside by Levington Agriculture produced a similar result.

The work confirms findings obtained in other trials at the college over the past five years. They demonstrate the advantage of injecting fertiliser. &#42