25 August 1995

Irish spud tops Scottish trials

ANNA, the Irish-bred maincrop potato, is outyielding all other new varieties after three years of independent trials in Scotland. It has yielded 66% higher than the control varieties Estima, Desiree, Record, and Piper.

Anna shows high resistance to damage, bruising, and common scab, but is moderately susceptible to powdery scab. It is resistant to cyst nematode.

The yield advantage over the whole of the UK is 35%.

Scottish-bred Maxine also continues to impress. It is yielding 22% above control in Scotland and 19% throughout the UK. A red-skinned maincrop is has bold tubers and resistance to blackleg, powdery scab, and cyst nematode. However, it is rather susceptible to tuber blight and common scab. &#42