1 November 1996

Irrigator range is now topped with new outfit

BAUERS Rainstar irrigator range, available from Raingear Irrigation, is now topped by the new 125 HTX, a version which offers hose lengths of up to 750m (820yd) and a wetted length of 780m (853yd) when the throw of the rain gun is taken into account.

Based on the companys 140 model, the HTX features tandem axles which, when the machine is in work, are raised hydraulically to allow the anchor legs to dig into the ground. Hydraulic power is also used to rotate the drum through 90í into its work position.

Drive for the drum is provided by an axial flow turbine – a system introduced on the E series machines last year – with the final drive comprising chains to each side of the drum.

Drum speed is controlled by an on-board computer powered by a solar panel-charged 12V battery. Five different speeds during one pull can be programmed for, as can a water shut-down system in the event of a drum drive failure.

Models start with the 110-650 and extend to the 110-750 – the chosen pipe diameter dictating the length available. Prices start at £34,000.

Latest addition to Raingear Irrigations Bauer Rainstar line-up is the 125 HTX model. Hose lengths of up to 750m(820yd) are available.