22 March 1996

It lifts a load easier

LOADING tractor-mounted fertiliser spreaders using the tractor attached to the spreader is now possible with Kuhns range of spreaders.

The Levsac 1000 big bag lifter, which fits between the tractor and spreader, has a rated lift capacity of 1000kg when its telescopic arm is fully extended to a reach of 2.36m (95in). Maximum hook height is 4.55m (15ft).

Features include a pressure limiter to adjust arm lowering speed and roller mounting of the telescopic extension arm. Hydraulic supply requirements are a single-action spool valve for the lift arm and a twin-action valve for the extension operation. Price £1467.n

Lift capacity is 1000kg at full stretch for Kuhns Levsac 1000 big bag lifter.