30 June 1995

match for relaunch

Italians find perfect

SAME-LAMBORGHINI UK has signed an agreement with Zetor tractor distributor, Motokov, to relaunch the Hurlimann tractor range in England, Scotland and Wales (News, Jun 23).

Announcing the deal at Motokovs London headquarters, Same-Lamborghini UKs managing director, Tommy Porter, said: "The arrangement with Motokov is a perfect match. We needed another dealer network for Hurlimann, while Motokov was looking to bring in a high spec/high hp tractor to complement its low/medium hp Zetor range."

This latest deal means all the Same-Lamborghini-Hurlimann tractor giants product lines – Same, Lamborghini, Hurlimann and Deutz – will now be available to UK farmers, sold through distinct and separate dealer networks.

The Hurlimann agreement only applies to eight 85-190hp models, for which Motokov will initially offer franchises to its existing 80 Zetor dealers. In regions where Zetor coverage is weak, which tend to be the predominantly arable areas, the importer plans to take on additional outlets.

Motokovs Zetor sales agreement is unaffected by the Hurlimann deal, although it will bring in fewer of the Slovakian-built 105-140hp models. Demand for more sophistication in this power sector was the main attraction for signing up Hurlimann, which is seen as the premium product in the SLH stable.

The first Hurlimann tractors should arrive in the UK in October.