6 October 1995

Its farmer-friendly, speedy and just waiting in wings

QUICKER, easier-to-use software for large and small arable enterprises alike will be available from November.

SELECT, a new Windows-based product from Norfolk-based agricultural computer software maker, Optimix, brings the latest technology to the farm office.

"Windows has become the computer industry standard and will remain so for the foreseeable future," says managing director Bruce Eglington. It will meet both current and future business needs on a wide range of farms, he adds.

Standard screen designs make Windows products quick to learn and easy to use, Mr Eglington claims. Operators use a mouse to direct a pointer around the screen, simply "clicking" on commands. This replaces complicated coded keystrokes. "Farmers can concentrate on the package rather than wonder which button to press."

SELECT can be tailored to individual farm needs. It will therefore appeal to smaller arable businesses and the fruit and veg sector as well as large farms, he believes.

The basic package includes five modules covering basic crop recording, management and planning. Bolt-on extras include budgeting and stock control, crop and work planning, mapping and overhead costings. More are planned. "Farmers only pay for what they need, and can add to the system as they progress," Mr Eglington explains.

Recommended computing power for SELECT is a 486 processor and a minimum 4Mb of RAM. SELECT will cost £500-1200 depending on modules required. Existing customers will be offered "preferential rates".