26 April 1996

Its safety first with new tank

CHEMICALS to tank – the hunt continues to find a safe and efficient way of achieving this potentially hazardous operation.

Latest contender is Lurmark which has dispensed with seemingly complicated chemical transfer systems and is looking once more at the chemical induction tank. But this one is different – and better than current designs, the company insists.

Comprising a 20-litre polyethylene sprayer mountable tank, it can handle a range of non-liquid chemicals including water soluble sachets, loose powders and granules. An optional suction hose is able to suck powders directly from the bag.

A feature of the Cleanload is its bottle rinsing system which, for safety reasons, operates only when the lid is closed.

Lurmark, which manufactures the Cleanload under licence from Rhône-Poulenc, claims the system is quick and easy to mount on all existing sprayers and takes only 13sec to load a 10-litre container, or 30sec to handle 3kg of wettable powder sachets. &#42