20 October 1995

JD looks further afield to expand its tackle range

By Andy Collings

JOHN Deeres range has expanded yet again but not all with products which first saw the light of day in green and yellow livery.

In comes a large square baler, sourced from Krone, and a telescopic loader from Matbro. Both have taken up station in the John Deere camp suitably attired and ready for sale through the companys dealer network.

Customer demand for six-cylinder engines has also led to the launch of the 105hp 6506 tractor and, in keeping with many other tractor makers, John Deere is offering fixed specification versions of its 3000 Series range.

Completing the latest additions to the line-up is the 750A No-Till drill, which has already been seen in operation at several of this years tillage demonstrations.

First glance at the 4000 Series telescopic loaders is to appreciate how a change in colour and decal can enhance the appearance of a machine. Built at Matbros Dung-annon, Northern Ireland, plant, the 4400 and the larger 4500 models are powered by John Deere 3.9-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged engines rated at 100hp. Transmis-sion comprises a four-speed synchronised box complete with torque converter and shuttle reverser.

Lift capacity of the 4400 is 2.7t to 5.5m, while the 4500 lifts 2.8t to 6.7m. Options include a hydraulic pick-up hitch and trailer brakes.

John Deeres 680 and 690 large square balers are due to be available for the 1996 season. Made by Krone, the two models produce bales with cross section dimensions of 80cm x 80cm (2.6ft x 2.6ft) (four knotters) and 1.2m x 80cm (4ft x 2.6ft) (six knotters), respectively, with bale length adjustable from 1m to 2.5m (3.3ft to 8.2ft).

Both are designed to handle silage, hay and straw and require a 100hp tractor and a 1000 rpm pto input. Standard specification includes a three-knife (five on the 690) pre-cutter mechanism which can be manually disengaged. Other standard features include tandem axles and a three-system protection system – a slip clutch on the pto, an overload ratchet-type clutch on the main drive and a slip clutch on the pick-up drive shaft. An in-cab electronic monitor controls bale length, density and numbers of bales made.

Still with balers, John Deeres variable chamber 580 round baler will be available with a pre-cutter mechanism for next season. The 14 retractable knife system is identical to the unit on the 575 model.


Assembled from parts used in the 100hp 6400 and 110hp 6600 tractors, the new 105hp 6506 has been built to satisfy demand for a six-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine. John Deere is the first to point out that, in terms of performance, such engines offer little more than an equivalently-powered four-cylinder turbocharged engine.

Even so, the firm clearly expects the new model to appeal to several sectors of the industry. Lift and load capacity is identical to the 6400 but wheelbase and dimensions are those of the longer 6600.

A choice of PowrQuad transmissions supplying 20 forward, 20 reverse ratios for 18.5mph boxes or 24 forward, 24 reverse ratios for 25mph models is available with an option of a creeper gear range.

Meanwhile, fixed specification formats for the 3000 Series range have led to the launch of SE versions – the 75hp 3300 SE and the 85hp 3400 SE, which are available with standard or "comfort" cabs, the latter designated X cabs.

Two transmissions, both with a shuttle reverser are available: A 20 forward, 20 reverse 25mph with mechanical splitter on models with the standard cab and a 20 x 20 TwinShift 25mph version on X cab models.

Specification details for the standard cab tractors include pick-up hitch, two double-acting spool valves and four work lights, while X cab versions also benefit from a digital cab display, multi-function console and under-bonnet exhaust. &#42

John Deere new model prices


3300/3400 SE with standard


3300/3400 SE with X cab: £26,410/£28.310


Telescopic loaders






580 with BaleMaster and



750A No-Till 3m:£24,019

750A No-Till 6m:£49,925

Above: 105hp, six cylinders. The 6506 is John Deeres answer to demand for big, naturally aspirated engine power. The Krone-built 690 baler is in tow. Below: Sleek livery for the 4500 telescopic loader built for John Deere by Matbro. In the Irish firms colours, the loader is badged TS260.