27 September 1996

JD targets smaller unit with 1997 range

COMBINES in the John Deere range for the 1997 season will include a model aimed at the 120ha-160ha (300-400-acre) farmer.

Built in Brazil, the 1170 is derived from the 1100 Series and is powered by a 170hp engine. In terms of design, the new model offers a conventional separation system using five straw walkers.

Standard fittings include Slopemaster sieves and a cab equipped with air conditioning and performance monitor. Tank capacity is 6000 litres.

Price of the 1170 with a 4.2m (14ft) header and straw chopper is listed at £96,000. A 4.8m (16ft) header can be specified.

John Deere has also updated its Z Series combines through the use of more powerful engines and improved transmissions.

Now designated the 2200 Series, newcomers are the five straw-walker 180hp 2254, 210hp 2256 and 235hp 2258 models, and the six straw-walker 250hp 2264 and the 270hp 2266.

Each model can be supplied with a Hillmaster slope levelling system for improved performance when used on slopes up to 18%.

Key to the increased power now available for the top four models is the use of an 8.1-litre engine which is claimed to be capable of meeting emission regulations due to be enforced in 1998. The six straw-walker machines also benefit from a hydrostatic transmission designed to provide lugging characteristics – 25% by John Deeres reckoning. Four-wheel drive remains an option.

Engine and transmission changes apart, the internal workings of the newly designated models remain much as before with no differences in separation areas or grain tank capacities. &#42

More power and an improved transmission feature on the new John Deere 2200 series combines.

A combine for the smaller acreages, the 1170 joins the JD line-up for the 1997 season.