15 March 2002

JDs tailor-made linkages

By Andy Moore

JOHN Deeres new 6020 tractor series can be now armed with a tailor-made range of Zuidberg front linkages from Lynx Engineering.

Supplied in 2.8t and 3.5t builds, the Frontline linkages have a cast steel base frame providing, says the company, more rigid construction.

The hitches feature a new fold-back system for the link arms, which enables them to stow completely out of the way.

Available with Zuidberg Series pto systems, the linkages are able to fit tractors with TLS front axle suspension.

The hitches are also compatible with John Deere Big Pack weight systems and have Walterscheid CAT III couplers and a Zuidberg Multivalve system.

Lynx says this allows the lift rams to be operated in either single or double acting mode. Pricewise, the 2.8t version costs £1865 and the 3.5t £2290. &#42

Lynx Engineering produces tailor-made front linkages to fit John Deere 6020 series tractors.