6 September 1996

JEEngineering boosts TDi power

OWNERS of Land Rover vehicles such as the Defender, Discovery and Classic Range Rover can boost the power output from their 300 TDi engines.

Coventry-based JE Engineering offers a conversion service to increase power output in the low to mid-engine speeds – primarily between 2000 and 3000 rpm.

The conversion, which is carried out at its premises, takes a day to complete and involves a modification of the fuel pump.

"It is not just a matter of increasing fuel output," says JEs Ron Hall. "Emission problems make this impractical. We replace a number of pump parts to increase its overall efficiency."

Typical gains claimed by the company amount to 20bhp, which equates to a two second cut in the time to 60mph from a dead start.

Mr Hall insists the conversion does not affect manufacturers warranty. The increase in power is not such that transmissions and other components become over-stressed. Price of the conversion is £948.n