2 February 1996

JF reverts to mechanical drive

MECHANICAL drives replace hydraulics on the latest version of JFs centre pivot mower.

The firm says the centre pivot mower principle, which enables cutting on either side of the tractor, has, on the whole, been successful. Its biggest problem has been how to get more power through the hydraulic driveline for faster working speeds.

JFs Henning Pedersen explains: "Initially we went for hydraulic power because it cut down any risk of vibration through the driveline. But the maximum power we could transfer to the cutting bed was 90hp."

To increase outputs, JF has reverted to mechanical drive on its GMS Flex centre pivot mowers, which replace the Hydro-Flex models. The firm says the Flex ranges new suspension system, Top Safe – two top springs and a shock-absorbing link in the drawbar – along with swivel gearboxes at the front and rear of the driveline reduce the risk of vibration from a shaft-based transmission system.

More direct-drive power means more output, and JF claims working speeds of up to 10mph are now possible.

UK farmers will get their first chance to see the eight-disc, 3.15m (10ft 4in) wide GMS 3200 Flex at Grassland 96 in May. The firms monster 4.8m (16ft) wide GMS 4800 Flex will not make the trip to Stoneleigh and, for the moment at least, is unlikely to go on sale in this country. Production capacity means flagship 4800 sales are being restricted to Denmark and Germany.

Price of the GMS 3200 Flex is £16,295.

&#8226 Also due to make their UK debut at Grassland 96 are JF disc-only mowers – no conditioner – and a Mk II version of its FCT 1100 precision chop forager.

Main change from the previous FCT 1100 forager is a beefing up of the driveline to enable the use of tractors up to 200hp. Maximum power recommended for the Mk I forager was 140hp.

The new disc-only, mounted SB mowers are available with working widths from 1.6 to 2.8m (5ft 3in-9ft 2in) and are priced from £3499. &#42

Shaft-drive replaces hydraulics on JFs latest centre-pivot mowers.