29 November 1996

John Deerecab adds comfort to Mistral sprayers good looks

LATEST self-propelled sprayer from Chafer comes in the form of the 3500-litre (770gal), 24m (80ft) Mistral.

First inspection of the stylish machine, is to realise that Chafer has incorporated a John Deere cab – and much of its innards – into the sprayers design.

Powered by a 180hp, six-cylinder Cummins turbocharged engine, transmission comprises a hydrostatic four-wheel-drive system which employs two-speed wheel motors.

Four-wheel steer is a standard feature and, when fitted with 13.6 x 36 tyres, ground clearance is rated at 90cm (35in). Suspension, the subject which is now receiving greater attention from most self-propelled manufacturers, is a combination of rubber and dampers – an arrangement designed to provide stable boom operation, but not at the expense of operator comfort.

Spraying equipment, which is demountable, includes a stainless steel tank complete with an integral 350-litre (7.7gal) capacity clean water tank wash system.

Complete with a centrifugal pump claimed to operate at 500 litres/min (110gal/min) and 24m (80ft) booms, the Chafer Mistral carries a price tag of £74,450. &#42

Tank capacity of 3500 litres (770gal), 24m (80ft) wide booms and a John Deere cab for the new Chafer Mistral self-propelled sprayer.