26 April 1996

Joint venture brings first self-propelled sprayer for Rau

By Andy Collings

GERMAN sprayer manufacturer Rau has produced its first self-propelled version.

The result of collaboration with self-propelled specialist LW Househam, the sprayer is based on the 147hp Imp skid unit.

Rau sprayers, marketed in the UK by Ferrag, include an air-assisted version – the AirPlus. The company was keen to choose a skid unit which could supply sufficient power to operate a 28m (92ft) version.

Other criteria when opting for the Househam Imp was for the skid-unit to be capable of carrying a 3000-litre payload and one to which booms could be mounted either on the front or the rear – a requirement to suit the French market, where front-mounted booms are the norm.

Price of the Househam Imp/ AirPlus combination starts at £58,500. &#42

Anglo/German, Rau/Househam collaboration – the 147hp Rau Air Plus Sprayer.