22 November 1996

Jumbo blocks are high in supplements

JUMBO Protein and High Magnesium blocks join the 500kg Jumbo Feed Blocks introduced by Dallas Keith earlier this year.

The Jumbo Protein Block is designed to supplement the diet of sheep and cattle being fed poor quality forage or straw, with total protein content of 21%.

The Jumbo Hi-Mag Energy block has a magnesium content of 10%, and will help maintain adequate magnesium levels in grazing dairy cows, preventing hypomagnesaemia.

Daily intakes of 0.5-1kg a head a day for cattle and 30-150g a head a day for sheep means one 500kg block will last 100 head of cattle for up to seven days, and 100 ewes for about 100 days, depending on the other rations being fed.

Cost for each Jumbo Protein block is £175, and cost of the Jumbo Hi-Mag block is £210 each (01993- 773061).