24 May 2002

Just do it your weigh

NEED an affordable means of weighing crop on-farm during this years harvest?

Griffith Elder believes it has the answer in its Ton-Tel Tri-Axle weighbridge which has a price tag of between £4500 and £6500, depending on specification.

Designed to Part Weigh different length vehicles with any number of axles, smaller units are weighed in two parts – for example tractor then trailer – while larger outfits such as articulated lorries are weighed in three parts.

The vehicle is driven onto the platform, a red light tells the driver when to stop, before each reading is taken.

After weighing, individual part weights are then added together to give a gross weight of the vehicle and its contents.

Up to 30t can be weighed during each part weighing session, says Griffith Elder, and the unit is rated at up to a 100t capacity.

The platform weighs 1.3t and has lifting lugs to enable the unit to be raised out of its recessed pit using pallet forks and reinstalled in different locations around the farm. &#42

A fast, affordable and accurate system for weighing vehicles is the claim for the Ton-Tel Tri-Axle weighbridge.