17 May 1996

Keep tabs on tank hygiene

TANK hygiene should be uppermost in growers minds as the late season telescopes spraying programmes, warns Du Pont.

Many growers will be spraying both broad-leaved crops and cereals in quick succession, says the firms Graham Dickinson. "This makes it especially important to pay attention to sprayer hygiene to avoid crop damage from traces of chemical left in the equipment."

More significance

As science produces more high-activity, low-rate agrochemicals, the task has become more significant than ever, he maintains. "A strict regime should be employed so that the tank is thoroughly washed and rinsed prior to, and after, every spray application."

Local distributors can give clear guidance. Cleaning may be time consuming, but should be well rewarded, he suggests. "The best policy is to adopt a routine that allows time before and after spraying."