25 August 1995

Keeps silage cool and reduces losses

FEED value loses when maize silage clamps are opened can be reduced with Cool-Sile additive, claims Worcestershire-based maker, Microferm.

It says as much as a quarter of the feed value of exposed and unprotected silage can be burnt up when the clamp is open in warm weather. But in its trials with its additive Cool-Sile, heating of maize silage exposed to air was delayed.

The additive has also reduced energy losses in other high lactic acid, high dry matter conserved forages such as whole-crop and grass silage, says Microferm.

It maintains Cool-Sile is the only additive which is non-fuming and non-corrosive with a neutral pH, making it safe to handle.

Application cost will be about £1.25/t (01684-568434).