7 September 2001

Lairg lamb sale gets round F&M

LAIRG lamb sale went ahead last week as a description only sale. The famous annual sale of North Country Cheviot lambs was held at the Duthac Centre, Tain, Scotland, and would normally result in over 30,000 sheep changing hands.

This year, despite sale difficulties because of foot-and-mouth, 20,600 North Country Cheviot wether lambs and 10,000 ewe lambs were up for grabs.

United Auctions auctioneer David Merchant said trade for wethers was above expectations, although disappointing for ewe lambs.

Wether values reflected prices of two years ago, when trade was at the £25-£27/head mark. This was back £4-£5 on last year. Ewe lambs were in less demand partly because they are normally sold in smaller batches making transport less economic.

Top ewe lambs fetched £33, with good commercial sorts at £22-£25 each. Clearance rates will not be known until licences are issued. &#42