12 April 1996

lamb disease strategy

FLOCKMASTERS keen to protect lambs against clostridial and pasteurella disease should consider giving them two doses of 2ml Ovivac P, at six and 10-weeks old, says maker Hoechst.

This strategy should be followed when lambs are born to vaccinated ewes. These will be protected against clostridial diseases up until 12-16 weeks of age, and be covered against pasteurellosis from birth to four-weeks of age, it says.

If, however, lambs are born to unvaccinated ewes, or there is a particular risk of pasteurellosis, they should be given a 2ml-dose of Ovipast during their first week of life, followed by two 2ml-doses of Ovivac P at six and 10-weeks.

of age. In areas of high incidence of pulpy kidney or pasteurellosis, Hoechst advises giving a further dose of vaccine to lambs born early in the season during the first year of life.

It also recommends 2ml of Heptavac P booster is given every 12 months.