17 August 2001

Lamb fears unfounded gfgfgfg

FEARS that the resumption of exports of finished lambs from Northern Ireland would drag down prices in the Republic have proved unfounded, with values firming on both sides of the border this week.

As predicted, movements got off to a slow start, owing to the restrictive conditions attached to the trade (Business, Aug 3). This is despite a price difference of around 40p/kg reported last week.

But finished lamb values in Ulster have climbed about 30p to 235p/kg dw this week, says the Livestock and Meat Commission.

"This still leaves us around 10p/kg cheaper than the Republic, and they are producing heavier weights," said a spokesman.

Part of the increase was due to sentiment that exports would soon resume, he added, though with Northern Ireland slaughtering about 27,000 sheep/week compared with 70,000 in the Republic, it was not surprising that the bigger player affected the smaller one. &#42